Watercooled Charge Air Coolers

nissenWatercooled Charge Air Coolers

Watercooled Charge air coolers

    • Sensational newly-developed WCAC cooling concept:

      • New and ground breaking innovation from Nissens OEM
      • Takes the traditional cooling principle to an entirely new level
      • Adding essential competitive advantages for even more customers
      • The new cooling principle is based upon the principles of water-cooled charge air


  • Provides far more efficient cooling, smaller sizes, and improved ease of installation

  • Giving the engine manufacturer numerous new possibilities

  • A water-cooled charge air cooler is a charge air cooler where the charge air is cooled by a cooling agent

  • A combination cooler is the optimum solution, as the size of the cooler may be reduced by 20 – 30 % without sacrificing efficiency

  • This concept means:Finally, the noise level is reduced by up to 6dB.

    • Lower weight
    • Easier installation
    • Substantial energy savings, while making it easier to comply with current emission standards and demands
  • Finally, the noise level is reduced by up to 6dB

Download Document Product Brochure - Nissens AluXChanger 

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