Nissen Standard Oil Coolers

nissenStandard Oil Coolers

Standard Oil Coolers

  • Nissens OEM's standard oil coolers type HP (High Performance) and type HPC (High Performance Circuit) are both designed to provide optimum cooling of hydraulics and lubricating oil

  • The HPC series is fitted with a 3 x 400V electric motor

  • The HP-series is fitted with either a 12, 24 or 3 x 400V electric or hydraulic motor

  • All constructions have been tested in a wind tunnel in order to ensure optimal effect

  • The HP series is based on 12 cooler sizes, so that it will always be possible to obtain a cooler with cooling performance to match specifications closely

  • Oil coolers are manufactured from brazed aluminium which ensures a very high degree of heat transmission between oil and air

  • It includes a special turbulator and the large surface of the cooling fins

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