PTU 15/25 Diesel

filterseperators3PTU 15/25 Diesel is an off-line oil filtration system, combining continuous water separation with oil filtration and is used for light distillates i.e.:

  • marine diesel (MDO)
  • marine gas oil (MGO)
  • marine special distillates (MSD)

The PTU 15/25 Diesel removes water, particles, and oil degradation products (oxidation, resin/sludge, varnish).

PTU 15/25 Filter Separator is equipped with manual water discharge. It is available in a range of design configurations including preheaters, drip pans, and control boxes. The pressure drop can be monitored on a pressure gauge on top of the filter.

PTU 15/25 Diesel uses one CJC™ Filter Insert F 15/25 and a separate secondary coalescer element.

The PTU 15/25 Diesel is ideal for:
  • Marine Applications
  • Storage tanks
  • Main and auxiliary engines

pdficon Product Sheet CJC Filter Separator PTU 15/25 Diesel

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