Desorbers & Water Removal

  • CJC™ Desorbers are designed to remove water from oil
  • CJC™ Desorbers are ideal for use in applications, whether for:CJC™ Desorbers heat oil slightly before it meets a counter flow of cool air in the desorber housing
    • Lubrication oil
    • Gear oil
    • Or hydraulic oil
  • Air heated by the oil expands, drawing water from the oil
  • The subsequent air-cooling condenses the water and the dry air is re-used for removing water from incoming oil
  • CJC™ Desorbers remove water from all kinds of oils effectively and reliably
  • The results are measurable benefits, that include:
    • Fewer unscheduled production stops
    • Increased system component lifetime
    • Increased productivity
    • Fewer oil changes
  • The CJC™ Desorbers Product Range Is:CJC™ Desorbers are well known for ensuring trouble-free operation of oil systems in steel mills, paper mills and more.
    • Flexible and scaleable
    • Suitable for oil systems containing only a few litres of oil as well as systems with up to 50,000 litres
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