Blue Baleen Oil Absorb Systems 

  • The CJC™ Blue Baleen OilAbsorb System are polishing systems

  • Patent pending CJC™ Blue Baleen CJCOilAbsorb Inserts, the systems absorb oil from:
    • Bilge water
    • Process and waste water, ensuring environmentally friendly operations
    • In compliance with environmental regulations or internal ISO 14001 Objectives and Targets
  • Typical applications are:
    • Marine bilge water systems
    • Waste water treatment
    • Rinse water and process water for recycling purposes.
  •  Low operational costs
  • Practically no maintenance requirements
  • The CJC™ Blue Baleen OilAbsorb Systems are cost-effective solutions to bilge- and wastewater problems within industry and marine applications
  • The CJC™ Blue Baleen OilAbsorb Systems - your guarantee for clean water!
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