HPS 27/- Stainless Steel/Outdoor

finefilters12The HPS 27/- Offline Oil Filtration Series are filters made in stainless steel. The filters are high pressure filters specially suitable for outdoor installations.

The filter has been tested to what i equivalent to 20 years of operation in coastal environment.

The HPS 27/- series are ideal for:
  • Outdoor installations
  • Light industrial areas
  • Cooling tower gearboxes
  • Areas affected by the coast
  • High pressure applications up to 10 Bar

The HPS 27/- stainless series is available in sizes 27/27, 27/54, 27/81 and 27/108, using from 1-4 CJCFilter Inserts fitted in the same stainless steel filter housing.

CJCOil Maintenance Systems are available in a range of design configurations including pre-heaters, drip pans, pressure switch, tanks, and control box.

The filter is a 3-micron absolute filter with a high dirt-holding capacity and a cellulose-based filter insert that removes particles, retains oil degradation products (oxidation resin/sludge, varnish), and absorbs dissolved/emulsified and free water from oil.

Special inserts, which do not absorb water, are available on request.


pdficon Product Sheet, CJC Fine Filter HPS for Outdoor Installations

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