Nissens Combi Coolers


Combi Coolers

  • Nissens OEM possesses considerable know-how and experience within the development and construction of complete cooler solutions for a number of different applications

  • A complete cooler solution for an excavator could e.g. comprise:

    • Water cooler with expansion tank
    • Oil cooler (2 or more if required)
    • Charge air cooler
    • Fuel cooler
    • Condenser
    • Fan shroud and protective netting
    • Fan and hydraulic motors
  • Advantages

    • Some of the major advantages of a complete solution are:

    • Easy installation since the solution comes complete with mounting brackets and rubber dampers

    • The entire solution comes from one supplier, thus ensuring a connection between technology and logistics

Download Document Product Brochure - Nissens AluXChanger 

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