Blue Baleen OilAbsorb 38/100 Multistay

bluebaleen1CJC™ Blue Baleen OilAbsorb 38/100 Multistay is a bilge water polishing system with 8 inserts fitted in two parallel 38/100 housings. On request, the Multistay system is available with more than two housings, custom-made for the application.

The specially developed and patent pending CJC™ Blue Baleen OilAbsorb Inserts (OAI) are unique and makes the system act as a polishing filter, absorbing oil to values below 5 ppm. This guarantees that legal requirements are always met, operational costs are reduced and environmental standards are kept high.

From the bilge water tank, water flows to an oily bilge water separator (15 ppm), before entering the CJCOilAbsorb System.

The filter is used for polishing of bilge water or industrial process and wastewater, and is available with or without centrifugal pump and drip pan.

The typical installation onboard ships is between separator and monitor.

pdficon Product Sheet CJC Blue Baleen OilAbsorb Multistay

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